1. General reading for the module 1 item
    1. Recommended textbook 1 item
      1. Renewable energy: physics, engineering, environmental impacts, economics and planning - Bent Sorensen 2017

        Book  An exhaustive text of nearly 1000 pages covering most areas of interest from the fundamentals of what energy is and of specific renewables to the socioeconomic context and life cycle analysis. An earlier edition of this book is also available from the Library

  2. Week 1-2: The context for green technologies and examples of clean energy 4 items
    1. Recommended textbooks 2 items
      1. Fueling our future: an introduction to sustainable energy - Robert L. Evans 2007 (electronic resource)

        Book  A useful overview of the sustainable energy context and various technologies

      2. Wind energy explained: theory, design and application - J. F. Manwell, J. G. McGowan, Anthony L. Rogers 2009

        Book  Wind energy

    2. Further reading 2 items
      1. Tomorrow's energy: hydrogen, fuel cells, and the prospects for a cleaner planet - Peter Hoffmann, Byron L. Dorgan 2012

        Book  Focus on the example of hydrogen as a clean fuel technology.

      2. Nuclear or not ?: does nuclear power have a place in a sustainable energy future? - David Elliott 2007

        Book  Focus on the contentious example of nuclear power as a clean energy technology

  3. Week 3: Case study: coastal and ocean renewable energy 1 item
    1. Recommended reading 1 item
      1. Review of ocean tidal, wave and thermal energy technologies - N. Khan, A. Kalair, N. Abas, A. Haider 2017

        Article  2017 review of the state-of-the-art in ocean-based clean energy sources: from tidal and wave power to ocean thermal energy conversion and ocean thermo-electric generators

  4. Week 5: Clean technology in context I: international frameworks and standards 2 items
    1. Recommended reading 2 items
      1. Overview of European Union climate and energy policies - Ea Energy Analysis 2012

        Document  A useful introduction to the European Union policy framework for clean energy technologies

      2. Reducing Energy Demand: What Are the Practical Limits? - Jonathan M. Cullen, Julian M. Allwood, Edward H. Borgstein 2011

        Article  Review of energy demand reduction as a policy and programme

  5. Week 6: Clean technology in contect II: the built environment and social issues 1 item
    1. Recommended reading 1 item
      1. Home Truths: A Low-Carbon Strategy to Reduce UK Housing Emissions by 80% by 2050 - Brenda Boardman 2007

        Document  As stated in the foreword: "a comprehensive action plan for massive carbon emission reductions from UK homes in a way which supports the needs of the poorest and most vulnerable"

  6. Week 8: Communicating your research 2 items
    1. Further reading 1 item
      1. Preparing and Presenting Effective Research Posters - Jane E. Miller 2007

        Article  A useful short paper with comparisons of good and bad ways of representing the same statement or data on a poster

    2. Recommended textbook 1 item
      1. How to do your essays, exams and coursework in geography and related disciplines - Peter G. Knight, A. J. Parsons 2003

        Book  A short overview of how to design your poster: see chapter 17 for "How do I Prepare a Poster Presentation?"

  7. Books used in previous years for research by students 11 items
    These are just a few of the many books available via the Keele University Library (either as e-books or physical copies) that have been used by previous students in their research.
    1. Renewable energy: power for a sustainable future - Godfrey Boyle, Open University 2012


    2. Energy, society, and environment: technology for a sustainable future - David Elliott 2003

      Book  An earlier edition of this book is also available from the Library

    3. Energy systems and sustainability: power for a sustainable future - Bob Everett, Open University 2012

      Book  An earlier edition of this book is also available from the Library

    4. Sustainable solutions for modern economies - Rainer HoĢˆfer, Royal Society of Chemistry (Great Britain) 2009


    5. Sustainable energy - without the hot air - David J.C. MacKay 2009


    6. Energy studies - William Shepherd, D.W. Shepherd 2014

      Book  PLEASE NOTE: the hard copy of the 3rd edition (2014) and the e-book of the 2nd edition (2000) are both available from the Library

    7. Renewable energy resources - John W. Twidell, Tony Weir 2015

      Book  An earlier edition of this book is also available from the Library

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